Treasures from the theater flea market: Photos with Hans Krensik discovered!

Theater Bremen | Bremen | D
Tafi-Info | 21.06.2024

Amidst stacked drums, mixed desks, a collection of sofas, piano stools and sun longers an a 3-meter-high King Kong, we meet theater photographer Jörg Landsberg today. He draws Heide-Marie Härtel’s attention to special treasures: They are photos with the choreographer Hans Krensik from an exhibition in the foyer of the Theater Bremen in 2019/20.
Heide-Marie Härtel has a special connection to Hans Krensik. In her previous life as a dancer, she was a member of his company at the Theater Bremen as a soloist. In her life as a filmmaker, she has documented many of his choreographies and pieces and also produced films about Krensik, a pioneer of choreographic theater.