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A Collection of Audio-Visual Documentation of Dance Universität Bremen Bremen D ab 1996

Ring, Felix RuckertAffectos Humanos, Dore Hoyer

The institute’s data base has been developed in co-operation with the University Bremen and has been constructed to serve the specific needs of research into dance.

It contains information about the archived tapes, about choreographers and their oeuvre, about individual performances, theatres and other institutions of dance.

The data base is continuously updated with publicised data about dance from other archives.

For reasons of copyright, individual users may view the material only on our premises.

Some recordings in our archive need a special viewing permission by the choreographer or author.

Elepsie ... Die Künstler sind anwesend, NEUER TANZNefés, Pina Bausch

2705_Erweiterung-Sammlung_02 Expansion of the Collection: From Classical Ballet to Modern Tendencies in Dance
Vom klassischen Ballett bis zu den Strömungen der Gegenwart
A Collection of Audio-Visual Documentation of Dance Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen Bremen D seit 1989

n the course of the years, the collection began to comprise the whole range of different forms of dance.

Swan Lake, Video adaptationGuest performance in New York: SOAP and Rui Horta

From classical ballet to modern tendencies in dance – we now keep a record of various different styles and schools in Germany and also abroad.

Focal Point:
Dance Pedagogics

Part of our collection is concerned with the audio-visual documentation of the work of dance pedagogues, dance academies and different educational institutions.

Focal Point:
The Reconstruction of Institutional and Private Archives

Japan Standard 1, Video tape of early days

A large part of our collection consists of material from the private archives of choreographers, film-makers and different festivals, who donated their documentation to the for reconstruction and filing.

While new material is continuously created within the context of our institute’s work, the private collection of Heide-Marie Härtel is growing simultaneously.

Focal Point:
Specimen Copies

Theatres and choreographers place specimen copies at the institute’s disposal.

Focal Point:
Documentation of Pieces

About half of our collection consists of video material which is ready to be broadcast. Our institute records between 40 to 60 performances each year on camera. Thus our collection is continuously growing and kept up-to-date with the latest productions.

Intervals, Stefan ThossL'autre et moi, Anna Huber