Dance Plays on Screen

Dance Plays on Screen was designed to present full-length choreographies.

While TV Stations increasingly ignore the landscape of dance, this series offers a platform for productions characteristic of our present day.

This series was also first conceived of in context of Dance on Demand.

Realisation: Ulrich Scholz | Production: German Dance Film Institut

2356_TanzImFilm_05 (Deutsch) Edition Tanz im Film 2004-2006
Einzelausgaben im Überblick
Dance Plays on Screen Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen D 2004-2006

13 REASONS (…to sing)
Michèle Anne De Mey, Thierry De Mey
and the Folkwang Dance Studio
82min, 2005

Mario Schröder
and Young Choreographers from the Ballet Kiel
34min, 2005

Urs Dietrich and the Dance Theatre Bremen
54min, 2004

A Piece by Dancers of the Company
Sasha Waltz & Guests
81min, 2006

The Dance Initiative Hamburg
Three Projects about
“Dance in Urban Spaces”
42min, 2006

Urs Dietrich and the Dance Theatre Bremen
62min, 2005

Two Versions of Susanne Linke’s Solo
17min, 2005

International Dance Fair NRW
Three reports from 1997, 2002, 2004
36min, 2004

Into the Blue
Detlev Alexander is dancing Jan Pusch
23min, 2004

One Half of Front
Irina Pauls and the Dance Theatre Irina Pauls
73min, 2006

Susanne Linke and the
Company Susanne Linke
67min, 2006

Schritte verfolgen
(Following Footsteps)
Biographical sketches about
and with Susanne Linke
55min, 2005

Gregor Zöllig and the Dance Theatre Bielefeld
20min, 2005

Stück mit Flügel
(Piece with Grand Piano)
Anna Huber and Susanne Huber
51min, 2005

Two Solos from Susanne Linke
and Urs Dietrich
75min, 2005

Tanznacht Berlin 2000
(Dance Night Berlin 2000)
Excerpts from 17 Dance Productions
21min, 2005

Sasha Waltz and Guests
69min, 2005

Dance on Screen: Twoland, Sasha WaltzDance on Screen: Into the blue, Jan PuschDance on Screen: One half of Front, Irina PaulsDance on Screen: Glamour, Dance Initiative HamburgDance on Screen: Twoland, Sasha WaltzDance on Screen: Piece with Grand Piano, Anna Huber