Supplementary Collection

This compilation of recordings of dance pieces and other material is merely an excerpt of our stock, which should give you an idea of the whole range of the total collection of the .

Hans Kresnik bei Proben. Fidelio? Foto vom Flohmarkt. Treasures from the theater flea market: Photos with Hans Krensik discovered!

Supplementary Collection Events Theater Bremen Bremen D 21.06.2024

Amidst stacked drums, mixed desks, a collection of sofas, piano stools and sun longers an a 3-meter-high King Kong, we meet theater photographer Jörg Landsberg today. He draws Heide-Marie Härtel’s attention to special treasures: They are photos with the choreographer Hans Krensik from an exhibition in the foyer of the Theater Bremen in 2019/20.
Heide-Marie Härtel has a special connection to Hans Krensik. In her previous life as a dancer, she was a member of his company at the Theater Bremen as a soloist. In her life as a filmmaker, she has documented many of his choreographies and pieces and also produced films about Krensik, a pioneer of choreographic theater.