DANCE SALON 03_impulse – From the Beginnings to Now

impuls Bremen | Bremen | D
Veranstaltung | 10.2.2016

at the German Dance Film Institute Bremen


On the basis of now historical film clips from the 1980s to today’s dance performances,impuls presents its dance works from the amateur groups and training groups. Numerous well-known dancers, dance teachers and choreographers have gone through the training of impuls. In addition, freelance choreographers have taught or created dance pieces in a wide variety of groups. Only a small sample of the 30 years can be shown.


About impuls
Founded in 1984 – had the idea to bring together amateurs and professional dance makers. In addition to courses in dance improvisation, modern dance, various workshops, the 1st “Bremer Tanzherbst” was created in 1988. At first it was studio performances and events in small theatres, until Hans Diers established the connection with the Bremen Theatre. In 1999 the association “TANZ Bremen” was founded. In 1990 impuls was able to create appropriate dance spaces in a former clothing factory. In 1993 the first year of training to become a gymnastics and dance teacher with a focus on movement therapy began. In 2007, the vocational school for gymnastics, dance and sports was opened.
In 2013, a new dance room was created in the former Hemelingen town hall, which can also be used as an event space for small groups.


impuls made a name for itself with its intergenerational, inclusive dance performances as well as dance graduations from the training courses. The combination of culture, education and health is the basis for all the work.