TANZSALON 06: A Century of Solo Dance in Germany

Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut | Bremen | D
Veranstaltung | 10.5.2016, 20 Uhr

Since the days of expressive dance, the “supreme discipline” of solo dance has repeatedly had a style-defining effect on the development of modern dance in Germany. Greats such as Mary Wigman, Gret Palucca, Harald Kreutzberg or later Dore Hoyer represented the whole range of New Artistic Dance, as expressive dance was also called, in their solo works. Flexible and usually without an elaborate stage set, the soloists gave their performances not only in large theatres, but also on numerous concert and podium stages, thus ensuring wide dissemination. Also the new

generation that sought new forms of expression from the sixties onwards often formulated themselves first in solo works. Susanne Linke, Reinhild Hoffmann and Gerhard Bohner caused a sensation with solo evenings. In the next generation of choreographers, the aesthetic range goes from Anna Huber to Richard Siegal. But the Bremen independent scene also plays a good role. Let yourself / be surprised.


Filmlänge: 01:00 h