DANCE – Archive – FILM. Lecture for NaturKultur e.V. Erasmus +

Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen | Bremen | D
Seminar | 29.11.2019

“The stage is yours!” is a theatre-film seminar organised by NaturKultur e.V., where young adults from Europe visiting northern Germany for a voluntary cultural year can gain a variety of experiences. 36 young people from Greece, Croatia, Spain and Germany work on the themes of experiences of discrimination and self-identity in the seven-day workshop using the methods of the performing arts, performance and film (camera work and editing). The results are presented in a performance.
This intensive programme is complemented by a video lecture at the German Dance Film Institute Bremen, in which artistic director Heide-Marie Härtel unfolds the thematic field of DANCE and FILM with the interface of the archive. Artistic dance, documentary film, film art – a broad field is outlined. This will be followed by an intensive exchange about the importance of preserving fleeting artistic moments, as they are found especially in artistic stage dance, through the medium of film.