Joint Sketches – Traces of Time – Bremen vierkant / Robert Schad

Finissage mit der Schweizer Tänzerin Anna Huber in Knoops Park.

Stiftung Kränholm und Gerhad-Marcks-Haus | Knoops Park | D
Veranstaltungs-Dokumentation | 29.08.2021 um 16.00 Uhr


It has now been possible to bring the guest performance of the Swiss dancer ANNA HUBER, which was cancelled due to Corona, to Bremen in the context of the exhibition “Bremen vierkant” by the steel sculptor ROBERT SCHAD. With a delay of more than a year, Anna Huber will not dance in the Gerhard-Marcks Haus as originally planned, but in the Robert Schad exhibition of the Kränholm Foundation in Knoops Park. She dances to live music by Martin Schütz, cello.

Robert Schad will also be present.



Lightness and movement interest the steel sculptor Robert Schad, whose square-steel sculptures come across as weighing tons, rising gracefully higher and higher into the sky, striding through a room as if on spikes, or – more rarely – seeming to wind gently across the floor. His early artistic exchange with the dancer and choreographer GERHARD BOHNER marked the beginning of his artistic dialogue with dance makers. Robert Schad entered into a reciprocal exchange, often lasting for years, with renowned personalities such as the dancers and choreographers SUSANNE LINKE, FINE KWIATKOWSKI, RUI HORTA, AVI KAISER, URS DIETRICH and ANNA HUBER.


The week after this FINISSAGE the exhibition will be dismantled, so this special dance event is the last chance to get to know Robert Schad’s work in Bremen.
The German Dance Film Institute is using this opportunity to complete the shooting of its film project “Robert Schad and the Dance”.
If you are interested, please register informally at
Participation is free of charge.
Meeting place: Kränholm Sculpture Garden / Art Café
Auf dem Hohen Ufer 35, 28759 Bremen
Sunday, 29.8.2021 at 16.00

Please observe the current hygiene regulations.