Bibliothèque de sac à dos – Performance by Nele Lipp / KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V.

KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. | Quarrendorf | D
Dreharbeiten | 19.- 20. 6.2021

“For the film “Bibliothéque sac à dos”, artist Burkhard Scheller created five library backpacks that were rescued as cultural emergency luggage by performers in a forest to which a mysterious singer calls them. Some characters bear resemblance to those of the Commedia Dell’Arte.”

Dr Nele Lipp

Actors:inside: Grover, Chris Hausdorf, Christa Krings, Ralf Meyer Ze, Corinna Meyer-Esche and Nicole Gießler in “Biblothèque sac à dos”, 2022


The team of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen is pleased to film the piece by Dr. Nele Lipp/KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. and to produce the film.