Rubberband EVER SO SLIGHTLY – Festival TANZ Bremen

Faszinierend, intensiv, universell und höchst persönlich. / Fascinating, intense, universal and highly personal. -

TANZ Bremen | Theater Bremen | D
Dreharbeiten | 6.5.2022 um 19:30 Uhr

“How does change actually happen? This was the question Victor Quijada pondered about his first choreografie for a large cast – after 14 full-length pieces and numerous short ones. Then, at the end of 2018, in Montréal, Canada, the home of his company RUBBERBAND, he released EVER SO SLIGHTLY; the French version rhymes, “Vraiment doucement” (Really Soft).

In pandemic times, it’s good for recognition: the unravelling of emotions and the disintegration of positions once decided. The ten dancers form a kind of society that sometimes moves together and light-footedly masters balances, sometimes frays into groups, finally into individual elements that lose their hold. The contrast is formed by gentle tones in the encounters, in the willingness to help, in the release of airy centrifugal forces. The action is musically accentuated by Jasper Gahunia and William Lamoureux, who play an impressive selection of electronic and amplified instruments on one side of the stage. EVER SO SLIGHTLY earned huge cheers when it ended Vancouver’s long theatre closure in October 2021.” DanceBremen


VICTOR QUIJADA grew up listening to hip hop in Los Angeles and, after dance training and engagements as a dancer, developed his own method, which he named after his ensemble RUBBERBAND , founded in 2002. It combines floor-based urban dance with partnering and contemporary ballet.





The team of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen documented the European premiere.