Andrea Peña & Artists 6.58: MANIFESTO – Festival TANZ Bremen

Wir glauben ans Destabilisieren. Andrea Peña & Artists

TANZ Bremen | Theater Bremen | D
Dreharbeiten | 8.5.2022 um 19:30 Uhr


“When everyone is sitting around, tugging at clothes or jumping around, as if to get the circulation going, and then one is just standing, then one more is standing, all upright. Later, all of them. In expectation. In readiness. This is the beginning of the show. The dancers now receive and do as told. In the three-part 6.58: MANIFESTO by Canadian choreografin Andrea Peña, it is different announcements or voices and moods to which they submit. And anyone who has ever taken a dance class knows the “Five, six, seven, eight!” command. Whether numbers, tones, beats or waltz tradition, they take the decision from the seven people here on stage. In the process, repetitions, sequences, pairings emerge. No stories. Only the bodies are exhausted. But already they are stretching their arms again, strutting, bending, kneeling.” DanceBremen


ANDREA PEÑA, a native of Colombia, worked in Canada as a dancer with Ballet BC and Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, among others, studied industrial design and founded her own company ANDREA PEÑA & ARTISTS in Montréal in 2014. As someone who lives in two cultures, she’s interested in the in-between spaces, she says. In them, she wants to dig, “and show on stage the relationship between the known and the unknown.”


The German Dance Film Institute team is documenting the European premiere.