poor? … pour les livres! Books are an endangered species. Exhibition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V.

Es gibt kein Kunstwerk, das nicht seine Fortsetzung oder seinen Ursprung in anderen Künsten hat. (Gilles Deleuze 1986) / There is no work of art that does not have its continuation or origin in other arts. (Gilles Deleuze 1986)

KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. | Poolhaus Blankenese, Grotiusweg 55, Hamburg | D
Ausstellungsbeteiligung | 18.6.-1.7.2022

A special place for a special event: in Poolhaus Blankenese in Hamburg, the 25th anniversary of KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. is celebrated with a show. Founder and dedicated chairwoman Dr. Nele Lipp curates an interdisciplinary show to which 19 artists are invited to show their works on the theme “Books as an endangered species”. A festive program frames the exhibition: a discussion with three accomplished speakers, the premiere of the film “Bibliothèque sac à dos” by Dr. Nele Lipp and performances by actors: inside the film deal with printed works of various genres. Another highlight will be the auction, during the finissage, of the artistic backpack libraries created for the film by artist Burkhard Scheller.



June 18, 2022
19:00: Opening with film premiere “Bibliothèque sac à dos” by Dr. Nele Lipp and live performances



June 26, 2022
17:30 Film: “Bibliothèque sac à dos” by Dr. Nele Lipp.
19:00 Discussion: are books an endangered species? with Michael Diers, Rainer Moritz and Wilfried Weinke



July 01, 2022
17:30: Film: “Bibliothèque sac à dos” by Dr. Nele Lipp
19:00: Finissage with performances and auction of backpack libraries



Registration and other dates in consultation: info@ koinzi.de



To all events: Admission free


At the exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. both members and artists invited to participate will show works on the given theme. On view are the following works:

Angela Breidbach – Ferdyfilm (StopMotion version), 2020/2021
Noam Ben-Jacov – Altar for a Book-Time, 2022
Tom Bunk – Ferdyfilm (comic version), 2020
Christel Burmeier – Röntgen, 2020
Doris Cordes-Vollert – Endless Text, 1997
Free in empty space floats a hole, 1998
and others.
Achim Lipp – From the life of books. Habitat cabinet, 1973/2021
Nele Lipp – Bibliothèque sac à dos (film, 61′), 2021/2022
Pierres Mémoriales, 2021
Ferdyfilm. A complete fragment (photo version), 2020
Ferdyfilm. A complete fragment (film version), 2021
Volker Lippens – Simulacra of education, 2021
Hannes Möller – Burn books, ash books, fragments, 2017
Wittwulf Y Malik – Ferdyfilm (image and music video version The Duel), 2020
Pino Polimeno – Libri Posati, 2020
Burkhard Scheller – library backpacks, 2021
Hajo Schiff – SHIP MESSAGES – books and metatext, 2022
Ursula Wagner / Burkhard Scheller – Ex Libris and book dances, 2008
Simon E. Waßermann – V e r s c h w I e g e n v e r s , 2022
VA Wölfl – The Chrome and You (scene photo), 2006 and Woodstock, 2020




The team of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen congratulates Dr. Nele Lipp, founder and longtime chairwoman of the interdisciplinary association KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. and is pleased to document the vernissage on film.