SPARK Art Fair Vienna. The new international art fair in Vienna

Die Premiere der neuen internationalen Messe für zeitgenössische und moderne Kunst in Wien findet zwischen 24. und 27. Juni in der Wiener Marx Halle statt. Bei der Messe sind 71 Solopräsentationen zu sehen. Das Tanzfilminstitut Bremen ist mit einem Beitrag zum Deutschen Tanztheater vertreten.

Spark Art Fair Vienna | Wiener Marx Halle, Wien | Österreich
Ausstellungsbeteiligung | 24. bis 27.6.2021

Vienna’s most important galleries and international highlights make up the field of participants at the first SPARK Art Fair Vienna. They show a balanced mix of established positions and young, emerging artists. In the three curated sections “Utopia: Post-War” by Sabine Breitwieser, “Perspectives” by Tevž Logar and “Interface – Contemporary New Media and Digital Art” by Marlies Wirth, digital art forms, film, dance and photography, among others, can be seen.


In addition to international greats such as Lawrence Weiner, Heimo Zobernig, Anna Boghiguian, Eva Beresin or Nadira Husain, new works by up-and-coming talents such as Sophia Süßmilch, Birke Gorm, Jonas Lund, Nschotschi Haslinger, Irina Lotarevice or Niko Abramidis & NE can be discovered at the fair. The programme is complemented by surprising insights into the works of 20th century art icons such as Nancy Spero, Stano Filko, Joseph Beuys or Maria Lassnig. With Jakob Lena Knebl, Austria’s contribution to the 59th Venice Biennale (together with Ashley Hans Scheirl) is also represented at SPARK.


Three Curated Sections.


The section “Interface – Contemporary New Media and Digital Art”, curated by Marlies Wirth, focuses on digital art and media art. An area of interest to curators, institutions, galleries and collectors alike, it addresses new and exciting possibilities of digital technologies.


The section “Utopia: Post-War”, curated by Sabine Breitwieser, is dedicated to the open and multiple narratives of post-war art. It includes solo presentations by local and international galleries in close relation to the selected artists*. Special features on experimental film and post-war dance expand the exhibition and address other forms of distribution.


The exhibition also includes a series of special features on post-war dance and experimental film.


The Perspectives section, curated by Tevž Logar, serves as a narrative link between the galleries and the individual artistic practices, defining the social and political frameworks that make thinking about processes of change possible in the first place.






The German Dance Film Institute Bremen is pleased to invite curator Sabine Breitwieser to the SPARK ART FAIR VIENNA section “Utopia:Post-War”. Selected film contributions to the work of the Austrian Hans Kresnik, who lives in Germany, and the choreographer Susanne Linke will be shown in Vienna.