dance:digital. Virtual and interactive forum for dance [Making Of].

Mit tanz:digital sollen Tanzkünstler*innen, Tanzensembles und Institutionen des Tanzes in der medialen Präsentation künstlerischer Produktionen gestärkt werden. Das Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut dokumentiert ausgewählte Projekte.

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland/ NEUSTART KULTUR | Bundesweit | D
Video-Produktion | 2021/2022





“The aims of the funding in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme are the development of innovative choreographic/artistic formats and the testing of new recording and production formats – e.g. working with body cams. e.g. working with body cams, 3D and 360° recording techniques, VR and AR applications, streaming and video-on-demand productions, format development for social networks and gaming.” Dachverband Tanz Deutschland



Making Ofs of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen as part of the project



Working with digital media has become an absolute reality in the dance field. However, it is more a component of internal work processes than a topic with social and aesthetic weight in the productions. Choreographers use new technologies in a light-hearted and practical way to support the production process or as a visual tool as part of the production, often in the area of set design.


The use of digital media has become an absolute reality in the dance field.


The project “tanz:digital” by the umbrella organisation Tanz Deutschland is dedicated to the issue that goes beyond this: what happens when dance and digital technology come together in an equal dialogue for a result that is not even necessarily connected to a stage, but perhaps can only be received on the worldwide Internet? For this, 14 individual productions have been selected that encompass a whole range of altered modes of production and reception.


The German Dance Film Institute Bremen has set itself the task of building a bridge between the motivation of the realising artists and the focused circle of users. In concrete terms, this means that “making-ofs” will be created for about 10 individual projects, preparing potential users, whether they are tech-savvy or not, for what to expect if they want to entrust themselves to one of the many new offerings.


The Making Ofs will accompany the highly unique production process of the selected projects on one day of shooting each, thus making the choice of technical, aesthetic, possibly also pedagogical means accessible to a wide audience in a film of about 10 minutes each. Interviews with the artistic directors and other project participants complement the film report.