Doubt22/ Maureen Reeor. tanz:digital II [Making Of]

Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen | Eupen und Bremen | Belgien; D
Dreharbeiten | 13.10.2022

In the project Doubt22, choreographer Maureen Reeor mixes contemporary dance and videogame imagery, creating a performance in which the spectators decide, via an application on their mobile phones that confronts them with choices, how the performance will develop. An entertaining work that asks some questions about how the relationship with new technologies has changed our approach to performance, and about the possibilities that virtual reality can offer.


In the context of tanz:digital II, the German Dance Film Institute Bremen is building a bridge between the motivation of the realising artists and the focused circle of users. In concrete terms, this means that “making ofs” will be created for around 10 individual projects, which will prepare potential users, whether they are tech-savvy or not, for what to expect if they want to entrust themselves to one of the many new offerings.


Tanz:digital II is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, DIS-TANZEN support programme of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.