Peace pain

Dienstagscompany | Bremen, Schnürschuh-Theater | D
Dreharbeiten | 18.2.2023

We are all waiting for infinite peace. We all hope that inhuman, violence- and terror-spreading regimes will collapse. We fight with ourselves against resignation and fatalism. The small human being, individual and citizen of the world at the same time, lives his or her own everyday life with various coping strategies.

The performers in this associative dance theatre piece lean on personally chosen great figures in order to find parts of freedom and peace in them. Within this framework, the production reclaims courage and strength to overcome one’s own hopelessness.

The performers of the Tuesday Company (developed from the dance theatre course) have dealt with these current themes.

Choreography: Marion Amschwand

The team of the Deutsches Tanztheater is pleased to document the premiere on film.