DANAMOS. dance art native motion system. By Martin Puttke

Martin Puttke und Dt. Tanzfilminstitu Bremen | Darmstadt, TU Departement of Human Sciences, Locomotion Laboratory | D
Dreharbeiten | 29.+30.9.2021


“Learning by doing” has always been the basis for learning dance. Professor Martin Puttke, leading dance educator and former director of the German State Ballet Berlin and the Aalto Ballett Theatre Essen, wants to revolutionise this tradition with his concept “DANAMOS -dance native motion system”. With DANAMOS, Puttke brings together dance didactics, music, neurocognition and biomechanics in an unusual way.


The team of the Dance Film Institute has documented some experiments of this groundbreaking training technique in the Locomotion Laboratory at the TU Darmstadt, Department of Human Sciences, Lacomotion Laboratory. The gains and progress of Puttke’s training principles are made convincingly visible with the help of state-of-the-art digital technology “motion capture”. Many thanks to Maximillian A. Stacia and his team.