Fünf Minuten Heimat

Geboren werden ist das erste Exil. Denn das Leben auf der Erde ist eine ewige Diaspora. / To be born is the first exile. For life on earth is an eternal diaspora

ProdÁrt | Hafenmuseum Bremen | D
Dreharbeiten | 19.8.2022

We are made up of the places we have passed through, the encounters that have enriched us, the people we have met and changed, even imperceptibly, the trajectory of our lives. This seems to be the heart of the piece “5 Minuten Heimat”, directed by Fabián Aimar and choreographed by Günther Grollitsch: to make us understand that migration regards not only individuals who move from one country to another, but indeed it represents the basic condition of human beings. We move, we grow, we respond to desires and needs, and these desires and needs sometimes take us far from home. The team of the Deutsces Tanzfilminstitut filmed the premiere of the performance in the spaces of the Hafenmuseum in Bremen: the dancers are migrants with and without disabilities who, for the duration of the show, seem to reconstruct on stage the homeland they have lost, or have not yet found.


ProdArt e.V. was founded in 2021 due to the mutual interest of the artists in their creative approaches. ProdArt artists understand diversity as a guiding principle for social and individual action. Diversity does not demand the adaptation of the individual, but promotes the opening of society – and thus a basic attitude that recognises each person as valuable on the basis of their individual characteristics and abilities.

With its work, the association wants to work towards the creation of favourable conditions for living, learning and working together, focusing on the equal participation of people with mental, physical, psychological and sensory impairments and/or chronic illnesses as well as different cultural origins and sexual orientations in social-cultural and artistic life.

Direction and concept: Fabian Aimar | Performance: Diene Abdoulaye, Doris Geist, Sakura Inoue, Ulrike Knospe, Estefan Vega Leon, Beno Novak, Caline Weber, Sergey Zhukov | Choreographic accompaniment: Günther Grollitsch | Production: ProdArt e.V. | Supported by Landesverband TanzSzene Bremen.

Supported by: Senator für Kultur Bremen, Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR. Aid Programme Dance.