The new dance history tool for teachers and students [WissensWandel.Digitalprogramm des dbv].

Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen | Bremen | D
Filmvortrag | 29.3.2023

As part of the dbv’s WissensWandel funding programme, the German Dance Film Institute has developed a Dance History Tool (TGT) that can be used in teaching and training. Based on the open-source software MediaWiki (known from Wikipedia), the TGT is aimed at dance professionals, dance students, dance scholars as well as young audiences who have had little or no contact with dance in the theatre.

In the first phase, the TGT is being developed.

In a first phase, 400 records with films from the database project DANCE ON DEMAND (DOD) were used. This intranet portal of the National Library was developed in 2004 by the German Dance Film Institute Bremen for the largest library in Asia in Singapore and technically realised in cooperation with the University of Bremen. For technical reasons, the DOD was no longer usable since 2019. The updated texts on the most important stage works, choreographers, institutions and topics of German dance, which are available here again, are regularly supplemented by dance-historical valuable films from the extensive holdings of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen. Currently, over 100 films can already be viewed on the TGT portal.

This new online version of the dance history tool TGT has been tested by lecturers and students and found to be very enriching. TGT is not publicly accessible for copyright reasons. User-defined access rights are managed by the German Dance Film Institute Bremen.



Wissenwandel.Digitalprogramm für Bibliotheken und Archive within Neustart Kultur is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and is launched by dbv Deutscher Bibliotheksverband.