Susanne Linke

Susanne Linke | Photo © Bettina Stöß

Circling a bathtub, running her hand along the rim, bending her back in a wide arc alternately back and forth: with solos like “In the bathtub” , Susanne Linke became one of the most prominent representatives of the German Dance Theatre.

Born in 1944, she studied with Mary Wigman in Berlin and at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, danced at the Folkwang Tanzstudio and at the Rotterdamse Dans Center. Together with Reinhild Hoffmann she directed the Folkwang Tanzstudio.

In 1970, she had started choreographing and toured extensively since 1981, with solo works like “Flut” and with group pieces like “Ruhr-Ort”. She choreographed pieces for the José Limón Company in New York, for the Paris Opera Ballet and for the Nederlands Dans Theater.

From 1994 to 2000 she directed the Bremer Tanztheater, partly in cooperation with Urs Dietrich. In 1999 she created together with Reinhild Hoffmann the duet “Über Kreuz”, in which both revealed the origins of their respective movement languages. Today she choreographs and teaches freelance all over the world.


(Gabriele Wittmann)

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Im Bade wannen | Chor.: Susanne Linke, 1980