Anna Huber

Anna Huber | Photo © Bettina Stöß

Since the 1990s Anna Huber has developed her very specific choreographic language. Fragile yet with extreme clarity, she moves between levels of meaning, for example in her piece “in zwischen räumen”.

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1965, she studied dance at the ch-tanztheater from 1985 to 1988. For three years she worked as a dancer in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and for the Tanztheater Cottbus. Later she danced with choreographers such as Susanne Linke, Julyen Hamilton, Kazuo Ohno, Mark Tompkins, Saburo Teshigawara, Meg Stuart, Jo Fabian and Helena Waldmann. Today she works in Switzerland and Berlin, mainly developing solos and duets such as “Beizeiten”, dancing with and against the rough stone façade of a thermal bath or meeting the Taiwanese dancer Lin Yuan Shang in “L’autre et moi” in search of common and non-common places.


Her pieces have been shown throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. She has received numerous awards. In 1998 she was named Young Choreographer of the Year by the magazine “ballet-tanz” and in 2000 she received the Hans Reinhart Ring, Switzerland’s highest theatre award.


(Gabriele Wittmann)

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