Ulrike Meinhof | Johann Kresnik | 1990

Choreography: Johann Kresnik | Clip length: 0’55 min


The play begins in the present, 1990, the year of the premiere of Johann Kresnik’schoreographic theatre “Ulrike Meinhof”. The protagonist, an elderly woman in a distinguished trench, walks through the trash of fast-food dishes. Soon a hamburger is forcibly stuffed into her mouth, she is coerced into participating in carnival polonaises. Arrived in reunified Germany. Three dancers are assigned Johann Kresnikthe role of Ulrike Meinhof, the terrorist who died in Stuttgart-Stammheim prison in 1976: the one in 1990 looks down on the one in the cell at the end of the first picture. After this panning shot, the stages of the life of the third Ulrike Meinhof take place, who first comes into view as a typing and agitating journalist. Klaus Rainer Röhl, Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin appear on and in relation to Meinhof. In the last picture, called “Death and Transfiguration”, Ulrike Meinhof cuts off her tongue with a knife. Thus silenced, she is pressed between two glass plates. (Klaus Kieser)

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