Persona | Urs Dietrich | 2003

Choreography: Urs Dietrich | Clip length: 1’31 min


In rapid succession, “persona”, which Urs Dietrich choreographed in 2003, creates an arc of images of human self-designs, behaviours and attempts to establish contact. These are sometimes extremely bizarre, for example when a dancer with ties hanging from his head like rabbit ears emits bird sounds, or three men carry a feather-light dancer and breathe their “I love you” in unison. They present themselves sexy and uninhibited, dreamy and introverted, dramatic and cool, silly and cheerful. A mix of lounge songs, world music and electronic sounds accompany them. Towards the end, tempo and intensity increase: through the central slit of the white back wall, the dancers appear one by one, run to the centre of the stage and there dance their further condensed individualising movements in a spot of light in the square until they are replaced by a colleague. This creates a diversity in rapid change, in which the breadth of variation of human existence appears. (Klaus Kieser)


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