Im Bade wannen | Susanne Linke | 1980

Choreography: Susanne Linke | clip length: 0’54 min


In 1980, “Im Bade wannen” marked the international breakthrough for Susanne Linke as a solo dancer – first of all in the toilet, from which the dancer rises in a flowing light-coloured dress and walks to an enamel bathtub. To music by Erik Satie, she progresses from the initially casual polishing and rapid rushing around the tub to a furious, almost ecstatic cleaning to a close, intimate duet with the tub, which she tilts and turns while balancing on the rim. Again and again she takes breaks, distances herself briefly as if sobered, but then returns to the object of her housewifely duties and libidinous feelings. At some point, the dancer sits in the tub to wipe the floor around it from the inside, she gymnastics out and in, keeps increasing until, in the absolute climax, she tips the tub onto its side. She crawls under it, comes out again and finally remains lying next to the tub. (Klaus Kieser)


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