Callas | Reinhild Hoffmann | 1983

Choreography: Reinhild Hoffmann | Clip length: 0’43 min


The dancer steps onto a white paper track for her aria. Rows and rows of men sink to the floor in front of this opera diva. She steps over them – quite a grand entrance, if it weren’t for her white shoes, previously dyed blood-red and which she put on only reluctantly, and if it weren’t for the second dancer in a short dress who interferes with her glamorous entrance again and again. Is she an unruly alter ego? A split-off part of her personality? In eight images of high theatrical intensity, Reinhild Hoffmann revisits the cult of the opera star and its abysses in her dance piece “Callas”, which premiered in 1983. The dancers, sometimes replaced by puppets, cardboard figures and plaster busts, show the glamour and misery of the opera business to the arias sung by Maria Callas. Neither the women trained by men are missing, nor the couple who arrive too late, have to look for their seats and push their way through the rows of seats. (Klaus Kieser)


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