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The T. L., now under the direction of Inge Baxmann, was founded in 1957 by Kurt Petermann, who directed it until his death in 1984. The original conception of building up a collection of traditionally handed-down folklore in the German-speaking world was expanded by the founder to include all areas of dance during the compilation of his extensive dance bibliography.

In 1975, the T. L. was assigned to the GDR Academy of Arts as a branch office; since 1993, it has existed as a non-profit association and is primarily dedicated to dance studies. Dance history is to be kept alive and negotiated in ever new contemporary contexts. The T. L. maintains its own series of events on dance studies topics (every Wednesday), publishes its own series of publications, the “Documenta Choreologica”, and holds conferences and exhibitions.

The collection has, among other things, more than 10,000 publications, including 80 periodicals, as well as more than 5,000 visual and audio media. The reference library is open all year round to anyone interested.


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