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The Mary Wigman pupil Gret Palucca is one of the outstanding protagonists of the expression dance, who toured extensively from the twenties into the fifties. With her humorous, cheerful manner, she formed the antithesis to the more dramatic Wigman. Typical titles of her early dances were: “In weitem Schwung”, “Verklingend”, Plötzlicher Ausbruch”, “Fern”, Stilles Lied”, “Treibender Rhythmus”, “Fernes Schwingen”. Following her temperament, she embodied the light-hearted side of New Artistic Dance.

In 1925 she opened her own school in Dresden, which was closed in 1939 for political reasons. But she resumed teaching as early as 1945 and continued to build her school’s international reputation. It became an important site for the transmission of expressive dance heritage.

Today it is the only independent dance academy in Germany where all other forms of stage dance are taught in addition to Palucca’s style. Choreographers such as Dietmar Seyffert, Birgit Scherzer, Arila Siegert and Stephan Thoss emerged from the P.


(Norbert Servos)

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