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In the dissemination and promotion of modern dance after the Second World War, the headquarters of the Goethe Institut in Munich played a decisive role. With the support of the G.I., important innovators of dance such as Pina Bausch, Reinhild Hoffmann, Johann Kresnik and Susanne Linke, among others, were able to make their pieces known abroad.

However, the international successes also strengthened the initially still controversial work of the dance theatre pioneers in their own country and enabled them to continue it in the first place. Accompanying the extensive guest performance tours, the Goethe Institutes organised lectures, lecture demonstrations, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions and collaborations between foreign and German dancers and choreographers all over the world.

Younger representatives of dance such as Rui Horta and Sasha Waltz also owe their careers to the support of the G.I. All in all, modern dance from Germany in all its varieties would hardly have achieved the world renown it has gained in recent decades without the continuous and long-term support of the G.I.


(Norbert Servos)

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