Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln

    German Dance Archive Cologne [photo © Janet Sinica]


The tradition of the D. T. dates back to 1873, when an independent dance library was first established in Berlin at the Akademie für Tanzlehrkunst.

In the 1930s, the holdings, by then supplemented by numerous private collections of dancers and choreographers, were affiliated to the German Master Dance Institutes under the direction of Fritz Böhme.

After the destruction during the Second World War, the dancer and teacher Kurt Peters began to build up a new dance archive, which was acquired by the SK Stiftung Kultur of the Stadtsparkasse Köln in 1985 and made accessible to the general public together with the City of Cologne as an information and research centre for dance in the Mediapark.

In addition to preserving testimonies of the art of dance, the D. T., under the direction of Frank-Manuel Peter, is increasingly dedicated to the scientific processing and presentation of these documents in exhibitions and publications and enjoys an international reputation.


(Norbert Servos)

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The German Dance Archive Cologne opens in the Mediapark, 1997


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