Little Lexicon of dance

In addition to the cinematic presentation, the focus is on the interactive provision of the dance knowledge developed by the Institute.

The small dance theatre encyclopaedia presents an exemplary compilation of lexical texts on persons and institutions of German and international dance theatre creation, as well as video clips with excerpts from individual choreographies and other film productions of the Institute. In the current issue of the website you can see only excerpts for the time being.

The Small Dance Theatre Encyclopaedia was created as the first template for the development of an online dance encyclopaedia as part of the “Dance on Demand” project for the National Library in Singapore and the Goethe-Institut there. The 100 complete films posted for the intranet portal there (only accessible to library users) have not been released in Germany for legal reasons.
The first version was created about 15 years ago in static HTML format. After the current conversion of the internet pages of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen to a dynamic CMS system, the dance lexicon will be expanded in the future and supplemented with approx. 400 additional data sets (German/English) in the relatively short term.

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You can also access the contents of the Little Dance Encyclopedia from the links marked (info) and (video) on our other websites