About us

The team of the German Dance Film Institute consists of interdisciplinary dance experts, cameramen, editors and editors from the fields of journalism and dance studies.
The staff is complemented by a project manager, a media designer, specialists from the IT sector for the database and digitisation activities and a financial administrator.
The artistic director seeks a specialist colleague for each activity of the institute. External advice is sought, particularly in the journalistic field and in responding to general technical developments.
All archival work, research, directing, filming, editing and final editing is done by the Institute’s core team. Despite the specialisation of the individual staff members, we attach great importance to basic interdisciplinary knowledge.


Artistic director. Studies at the Dance Academy Cologne. 1971-1978 Engagement as dancer with Johann Kresnik at the Choreographic Theatre in Bremen. Master’s degree in cultural studies at the University of Bremen. Since 1978 development of a dance film archive. Since 1982 director, camera and editor for TV stations. Film producer. Co-founder of the Association of German Dance Archives (VDT). Board member of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland from 2010-2021. Heide-Marie Härtel was awarded the German Dance Prize in 2021.
Video, TV and broadcast technician and editor. Studio construction for television companies. Since 1999 freelancer at the German Dance Film Institute Bremen as video technician as well as in the areas of studio construction and digitisation of video tapes with a focus on restoration of ‘problem tapes’ of all formats.
Camera, editing and project collaboration. Dancer. Bachelor Escola Superior de Dança Lisboa, Portugal (2014/17). Erasmus student at the Music and Arts Private University (MUK) of the City of Vienna, Austria (2016/17). Collaborator at Companhia Instável in Porto, Portugal (2018/19). At the German Dance Film Institute Bremen as a one-year scholarship holder 2019/20. Permanent staff member since 2021.
Office management in the project Wissenswandel.
Filmmaker and producer as well as lecturer at Emden University of Applied Sciences in the media technology department. Freelancer at the Dance Film Institute.
IT, computer and network technician. Freelancer at the German Dance Film Institute, contributing to smooth technical processes, further development of the in-house network and expansion of storage media. Technical support of the institute’s own database.
Giacomo Colonnelli from Monza/ Italy will remain freelance for our house after his year as a volunteer 2020/21 in the European Solidarity Corps. His role is in camera work and film editing. After graduating in “Audiovisual and Multimedia” from the Instituto Statale D’Arte, he participated in film productions and film editing for eLearning in Italy.
Artur will remain working for the Institute in film and editing after his Voluntary Cultural Year 2021/2022. Winner of the 8kFilmAwards 2020 from Samsung in the field of “Best Camera”. He is currently studying at the Hochschule Bremen.
Yanitsa is our volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps 2023. She joined us from Sofia/Bulgaria. Her role is to work with the camera and edit films. More information will follow soon.
Giulia is our volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps 2022/23. Her role is in camera work and film editing. The Italian came to us in Bremen through the NaturKultur e.V. association.
Hugo is doing his Voluntary Cultural Year 2022/2023 at the Tanzhfilminstitut in the area of film and editing. He graduated from high school in Bremen. More info coming soon.
ESK annual scholarship holder 2024/2025 at the German Dance Film Institute, with focus on film and editing. She came to us from Brussels, where she studied theatre.
Elena is a volunteer in the European Solidarity Corps 2024/2025 at the German Dance Film Institute for Film and Editing. She came to us from Bologna, where she studied communication science.
Contemporary historian M.A., author, blogger. Studied Modern, Contemporary and Contemporary History and Sociology at the University of Bremen. Research and publications on midwifery as well as on architectural and urban history of Bremen. Involved in the establishment of the Kaisenhaus Museum. Recognition award from the Wittheit zu Bremen for research “More than a roof over your head – Bremen’s Kaisenhäuser” 2013. Blog “Gardening in Bremen”. Involved in the German Dance Film Institute Bremen since 2016 in the area of media archives and content maintenance of the homepage.