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The institute organises film events, exhibitions and lectures to present the treasures of the archive to the public. Guest performances are an additional enrichment of the dance landscape. Film workshops teach dance and film students adequate recording methods for dance.

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Forum am Wall - Sitz des Instituts

A Day at the German Dancefilminstitut Bremen

[ 18.12.2023 ] What is the TaFi for you? This question is at the centre of the short film “A Day at the [...mehr]

Bibliotheca Albertina Leipzig

Dance archives and digital transformation. Conference of the Association of German Dance Archives

[ 17.11.2023 bis 18.11.2023 ] 17 November 2023
Institute for Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig
1 p.m. to 6 p.m.Working conference of the [...mehr]

Cicatrices - Narben der Erde. Photo: Marianne Menke

young artists celebrate 20th anniversary | new production “Cicatrices-Scars of the Earth”

[ 16.11.2023 bis 19.11.2023 ] The anniversary production will celebrate its premiere on 18 November, exactly 20 years after the first young artists premiere. It [...mehr]

Ein Raum für Zeit. Filmstill

(Deutsch) Ein Raum für Zeit – Videoportrait über die Kulturorganisation O Espaço do Tempo

[ 18.11.2023 ] [...mehr]

Wandering Mind. Folkwang Tanzstudio. Foto: Ursula Kaufmann

German Dance Award 2023 – Grand Dance Gala and Award Ceremony

[ 14.10.2023 ] The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland invites you to a multifaceted dance gala on Saturday, 14 October at 6 pm at the [...mehr]

Kultursalon 2022. Foto: Eva Raduenzel

Culture Salon at PACT Zollverein

[ 13.10.2023 ]  
On Friday, 13 October 2023 at 7 pm, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland is hosting a Kultursalon at PACT Zollverein. [...mehr]

Gardesn of Culture

Gardens of Culture. Visions and experimental projects for a future (conference)

[ 17.11.2023 bis 18.11.2023 ] “It is in times of dissolution, of change, of reorganisation, of social and national rebirth, that the tendency to wander [...mehr]

Portrait von Henrietta Horn [Foto: Bettina Stöß]

(Deutsch) Digitalisierung der Video-Sammlung von Henrietta Horn

[ 11.09.2023 ] [...mehr]

Peter Appel in jungen Jahren.

Peter Appel receives German Dance Award for his life’s work

[ 13.09.2023 ]  
“Not only do ballet masters often reach an advanced age, they often work much longer than they should. Peter [...mehr]

EXTRAORDINARY. Angie Hiesl+Roland Kaiser (digitisation of the video collection)

[ 11.08.2023 19:00 bis 10.01.2024 19:00 ] Four decades of performance art by Angie Hiesl + Roland Kaiser. These are performative stagings, multimedia exhibitions and discursive formats [...mehr]

(Deutsch) III Virtuelles und interaktives Forum für Tanz [Making Of]

[ 01.06.2023 bis 23.11.2023 ] [...mehr]

Neun und die Flut

(Deutsch) NEUN SCHÜLERINNEN UND DIE FLUT | Wiebke Pöpel / deBunt Film – tanz:digital III [Making Of]

[ 25.06.2023 ] [...mehr]

Hypnogirl 23. Munich Dance Histories

(Deutsch) Hypnogirl 23| Munich Dance Histories – III [Making Of]

[ 01.06.2023 ] [...mehr]

Our new Streaming Studio [WissensWandel. Digitalprogramm des dbv]

[ 29.03.2023 ]  
The German Dance Film Institute is a presence media library that has been able to test a new pillar [...mehr]

Claudia Henne in Conversation for II [Making Of]

[ 08.02.2023 ]  
As part of the series DANCE:DIGITAL, in the halls of the Tanzfilminstitut cultural journalist Claudia Henne interviews choreographers [...mehr]

Reinhild Hoffmann. Foto: HMH

Reinhild Hoffmann and her life’s work [Digitization]

[ 30.01.2023 ]  
There is hardly a dancer and choreographer of her generation whose work has been so comprehensively documented on film: [...mehr]

Foto: Artur Jäger

Claudia Henne in Conversation with Tobias Staab. II [Making Of]

[ 27.01.2023 ] As part of the series DANCE:DIGITAL II [Making Of], cultural journalist Claudia Henne interviews Tobias Staab, choreographer and author of [...mehr]

Eingespielter Filmausschnitt. Foto: Yanitsa Genova

Stephan Brinkmann. Lecture for the Orot Israel College in Tel Aviv [WissensWandel. Digitalprogramm des dbv]

[ 17.01.2023 ]  
Stephan Brinkmann, Professor of Contemporary Dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts, gladly accepted the opportunity to [...mehr]

Tanz mit dem Tiger/ Pablo Sansalvador. tanz:digital II [Making Of]

[ 12.01.2023 ]  
Inspired by a quote by Christian Drosten, according to whom overcoming the Corona pandemic is like dancing with a [...mehr]

WiWa DorotheeScreenshot 2023-03-13 192345-

Dorothée Hahne and Henrietta Horn. Lecture for the Orot Israel College in Tel Aviv [WissensWandel. Digitalprogramm dbv]

[ 13.12.2022 ]  
In this lecture, Dorothée Hahne talks about her work as a musician and as a composer for dance [...mehr]

Reinhild Hoffmann im Studio. Foto: Miroslaw Zydowicz

Reinhild Hoffmann. Lecture for the Orot Israel College in Tel Aviv [WissensWandel.Digitalprogramm of dbv]

[ 06.12.2022 ]  
German choreographer Reinhild Hoffmann, winner of the Tanzpreis for Lifetime Achievement in 2022, talks about her solo performances, focusing [...mehr]

Autonomous Avatar/ Tobias Staab. tanz:digital II [Making Of]

[ 01.12.2022 ] How much longer will we be able to control the technologies we have created? This is the question that choreographer  [...mehr]

Wayne Götz

(Deutsch) TALK 2 ME 4D/ Wayne Götz. tanz:digital II [Making Of]

[ 30.11.2022 ]  
In Talk2Me4D, Wayne Götz and Lucy Flournoy, both physical theatre performers, want to explore the possibilities and limitations of [...mehr]


TALK 2 ME/ Claudia Henne interviews Wayne Götz. tanz:digital II [Making Of]

[ 07.11.2022 bis 11.11.2022 ] [...mehr]