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With the combination of archive and professional production, the German Dancefilm Institut is a unique institution in Europe.

We create productions for TV-stations about current events in dance and features about specific themes of dance. Editors and film-makers use the archive for their reports on dance. Apart from video-documentations for companies and choreographers, the institute also creates multi-media and print productions.

Most of the institute’s productions are available for non-commercial usage as VHS-copie or DVD for a fee.

The German Dance Film Institute is a document archive, in which the stocks are only available on site. Other potential uses arise after consultation with rights holders for specific inquiries. 

Screenshot 2024-06-16 132720 (Deutsch) Der kleine Prinz aus Gröpelingen – Filmpremiere im Lichthaus
Premiere im Lichthaus. Bremen-Gröpelingen.
Documentations of Events Documentations of Dance Pedagogic Work Documents of Dance Pedagogic Work Filmvortrag Events Caroline Böhse-Krings, Tanz im Lichthaus Bremen - Lichthaus. D 2024 01:40 h

Tanz im Lichthaus“, die Ballettschule im Hafen von Carolin Böhse-Krings, feiert die Filmpremiere ihres Programms ‘Der kleinen Prinz aus Gröpelingen’, das am 02. und 03. März mit 110 Tanzschülerinnen und -schülern im Tabakquartier aufgeführt wurde.
Das Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut unter der Leitung von Heide-Marie Härtel hat die Vorstellung gefilmt und aus dem Material einen Dokumentation produziert.

(Deutsch) Ballett ist Hochleistungssport. Forschungsprojekt soll Risiken minimieren

Dreharbeiten Trainees Prof. Eileen M. Wanke/ Ballettensemble des Oldenburgischen Staatstheaters Oldenburg (Niedersachsen)/ Franfurt am Main D 2024

Balletttanz ist Hochleistungssport, auch wenn Sprünge und Drehungen mühelos aussehen. Unfälle, aber auch falsche Bewegungen bergen für die Tänzerinnen und Tänzer ein hohes Verletzungsrisiko. Ein Forschungsprojekt von Professor Dr. Dr. med. Eileen M. Wanke, Institut für Arbeits-, Sozial- und Umweltmedizin der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, soll nun aufzeigen, wie hoch die Belastungen sind und wie Verletzungen vermieden werden können. Mittels moderner Technik werden Belastungen und Herausforderungen sichtbar gemacht. Die Ergebnisse sind für Tänzerinnen und Tänzer und auch für Unfallkassen von großem Interesse.


Für diese Projekt kooperiert die Tanz-Medizinerin mit dem Ballettensemble des Oldenburgischen Staatstheaters und dessen Direktor Antoine Jully.


Das Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut Bremen ist mit der filmischen Dokumentation des Forschungsprojekts beauftragt.


Der kleine Prinz aus Gröpelingen (Deutsch) Der kleine Prinz aus Gröpelingen von Tanz im Lichthaus
Ein Ballett und Tanztheaterstück für große und kleine Menschen
Documentations of Events Documentations of Dance Pedagogic Work Dreharbeiten Recordings of Pieces Caroline Böhse-Krings, Tanz im Lichthaus Bremen - Theater der Bremer Philharmoniker/ Tabakquartier D 2024

Diese Produktion von Caroline Böhse-Krings für und mit ihren Schülerinnen und Schülern der Tanzschule Tanz im Lichthaus bezieht die Geschichte des Kleinen Prinzen, der sich ganz alleine um seinen Planeten kümmern musste, auf die aktuelle Lage unseres Planeten und seine Bedrohung durch den Klimawandel. Tanzsequenzen aus dem All, der Wüste oder dem Meer, aber auch zahlreiche freche Dialoge und Videos fordern die Zuschauenden auf, dem Klimawandel nicht tatenlos zuzusehen. Die Musik wurde eigens für das Stück von dem Bremer Komponistenduo Thomas Krizsan und Claudia Giese geschaffen und wird bei den Aufführungen von einem Orchester live dargeboten.


WER? Es tanzen 110 Lichthaustänzerinnen und -tänzer unter der Leitung von Carolin Böse-Krings.


Wo? Im wunderschönen neuen Theater der Bremer Philharmoniker, Am Tabakquartier 10 in Bremen.


Wann? Die Produktion wird 3x aufgeführt:
am Samstag, den 2. März, um 17 Uhr und
am Sonntag, den 3. März um 12 Uhr und noch einmal um 17 Uhr.


Karten unter: / Karten Erwachsene € 15,- und Kinder € 8,-



Das Team des Deutschen Tanzfilminstituts um Heide-Marie Härtel freut sich, die Premiere filmisch zu dokumentieren.

Dreharbeiten im Institut mit Ulrich Roehm. Foto: Yanitsa Genova Yanitsas Volunteer Report

Erasmus Solidarity Corps | NaturKultur e.V. Bremen D 2024

“I’m writing this on my way home, but where my home is right now is in doubt. My eyes are full of memories, moments, adventures, friends I left behind in Bremen and others around the world. I feel like a year has gone by in the blink of an eye, and it has been so fulfilling and intense.

We are wrought with decisions and I boldly say that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Living abroad was a dream, a dream come true for me and now that I have done it, I know that dreams always come true in one way or another. I am inspired, ready for the next chapter, loved and most of all grateful! I am grateful for all the people I met, lived with, and dreamed with. I am grateful to Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen, where I met people so important to me, where I learned patience, discipline and attention to detail. I am grateful to Natur Kultur for the opportunity to be a part of the volunteer heart of Bremen!

Bremen is a lovely and romantic city, ready to offer entertainment, although who was next to me knows how often I went out, but when I did I was really there and soaked up every conversation, gaze and ambience. My favorite moments are by the river or with a book in the park or exploring the city by bike. At some point you start seeing familiar faces and you say, am I at home?

I don’t want to give so much attention to the difficulties or setbacks of this one year. But as advice I would say, never have high expectations for one thing or another because things have their own rhythm, pace, and expression. We are free to decide how we will react to what happens, but not to change people or places.

For work, I would say it requires consistency, competence, and discipline. There are strict hours for attendance and the demands are heightened. I had moments of resistance, it wasn’t always good. But it could always be worse. I believe I would not be who I am today without these difficulties. It all passes when you see the smiles on the faces of the people you love, people who become family in minutes and remain family for a lifetime.

We were shooting, creating, and experiencing together. During that one year, we traveled several times for work, we made a film in Portugal about an art residency that is located there, we filmed Tanzpreises in Essen, I was involved in editing and filming several dance performances. The work is dynamic, sometimes you are terribly busy, and sometimes you have time for yourself and personal projects.


This is how my story ends. Awaiting for new horizons, people, encounters, countries, cities, lessons.”


Forum am Wall - Sitz des Instituts A Day at the German Dancefilminstitut Bremen
Ein Film von Yanitsa Genova mit Hugo Garbrecht
Dreharbeiten Image Films Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen Bremen D 2023 00:03 h

What is the TaFi for you? This question is at the centre of the short film “A Day at the German Dance Film Institute Bremen” by Yanitsa Genova and Hugo Garbrecht. The diverse answers of the permanent, freelance and voluntary staff of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen convey a vivid impression of the spirit of the institute. The internally used abbreviation TaFi for the institute is explained in passing.

Yanitsa Genova came to Bremen as a volunteer from Sofia/Bulgaria as part of the European Solidarity Corps. Hugo Garbrecht is completing a Voluntary Cultural Year here. Both are involved in filming and editing at the German Dance Film Institute.

Bibliotheca Albertina Leipzig Dance archives and digital transformation. Conference of the Association of German Dance Archives

Documentations of Dance Pedagogic Work Filmvortrag Events Lectures Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V. Institut für Theaterwissenschaftern der Universität Leipzig und Bibliotheca Albertina D 2023

17 November 2023

Institute for Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig

1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Working conference of the Association of German Dance Archives

Miscellaneous topics

18 November 2023
Bibliotheca Albertina

10.00 a.m. Words of welcome

Charlotte Bauer, Deputy Director of Leipzig University Library

Holk Freytag, Saxon Academy of the Arts


10.15 am Dance archives in Germany

* Archive Performing Arts of the Academy of Arts Berlin, Stephan Dörschel (Head of the Archive)
* German Dance Archive Cologne, Thomas Thorausch (Deputy Head of the Dance Archive Cologne)
* German Dance Film Institute Bremen, Heide-Marie Härtel (Artistic Director)
* Mediathek für Tanz und Theater, Christine Henniger (Head of MTT at the International Theatre Institute Centre Germany e.V.)
* Dance Archive Leipzig e.V., Prof. Dr Patrick Primavesi (Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig and board member)
* University Archive of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, Bianca Gleiniger (Head of the
University Archive)


10.45 am Dance-memory-digitality: a research

Caroline Helm, Clara Dolinschek, Michael Freundt (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.)


11.00 am Discussion: Dance and Archive – Transformation into the Digital


11.45 a.m. short break


12.00 pm Digital stages for dance: tanz:digital as an example

Michael Freundt (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.)


12.15 pm Discussion: Complicity of art, technology, science and archive

* Thomas Thorausch, Deputy Director of the Dance Archive Cologne
* Stephan Dörschel, Director of the Archive for Performing Arts at the Academy of Arts Berlin
* Heide-Marie Härtel, Artistic Director of the German Dance Film Institute Bremen
* Christine Henniger, Head of the Media Library for Dance and Theatre at the International Theatre Institute -
Zentrum Deutschland e. V.
* Patrick Henniger, Head of the Media Library for Dance and Theatre at the International Theatre Institute -
Zentrum Deutschland e. V. V.
* Patrick Primavesi, Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Leipzig, Board of Directors of Tanzarchiv Leipzig e.V.
* Bianca Gleiniger, Head of the University Archive of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden
Moderation: Melanie Gruß, Institute for Theatre Studies


14.00 Small reception with drinks and snacks


Cicatrices - Narben der Erde. Photo: Marianne Menke young artists celebrate 20th anniversary | new production “Cicatrices-Scars of the Earth”
Jubiläumsproduktion mit young artists, Peques, LAB, Les Amis de la Danse
Dreharbeiten Recordings of Pieces young artists | steptext dance project Schwankhalle Bremen D 2023


The anniversary production will celebrate its premiere on 18 November, exactly 20 years after the first young artists premiere. It will be a joint dance evening with all the groups that Augusto Jaramillo Pineda and steptext have built up under the young artists label in recent years (children, teenagers, young adults). This time, too, the theme will be one that is important to the young dancers: the rights of the earth. Under the title “Cicatrices – Scars of the Earth”, the central theme will be developed further and the complex interaction between humans and nature will take centre stage. Marion Amschwand, who choreographed the young artists’ very first production “Missing” in 2003, will rehearse with the young people, while dancer, choreographer and former young artist Viktor Braun will rehearse with the young adults. Of course, Augusto Jaramillo-Pineda, choreographer and director of the young artists, who leads the children’s group, will also be there. Together with the senior citizens Amis de La Danse, an evening of generations will be created that will unleash the full power of dance theatre.

To mark the anniversary, there will also be a broad workshop programme for all age groups (17, 18 and 19 November) and a school performance on 17 November at 11 a.m., which can also be combined with a workshop if interested.

The production is supported by the start Jugend Kunst Stiftung Bremen



Thu 16.11.23 | 11:00 a.m. | Public dress rehearsal

Fri 17. 11.23 | 11:00 a.m. | School performance (preview) + workshop

Premiere: 18.11.23 | 20:00

Sun 19.11.23 | 16:00 | family-friendly performance time


|Workshop programme

Friday, 17 November | 17:00 – 18:30 | Creative workshop with ZIV Frenkel

Saturday, 18 November | 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. | Workshop with KEITH Chin | from 14 years
Saturday, 18.11 11:10 – 12:10 | Workshop (Breaking) with HASSAN Lotfi | from 8 years
Saturday, 18.11 12:20 – 13:20 | Workshop (Hip-Hop) with SITA Kotteck | from 8 years
Saturday, 18.11 13:30 – 15:00 | Workshop (contemporary dance) with LEILA Bakhtali | from 14 years

Sunday, 19 November 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. | Workshop with KEITH Chin | from 14 years
Sunday, 19 November 11:40 – 12:40 | Workshop(Body Percussion) with YEIMI Pineda | from 8 years
Sunday, 19 November 12:50 – 13:50 | Workshop with Hakan Sonakalan | from 8 years


Schwankhalle Bremen


Registration for the workshops: and for a donation


The team of the German Dance Film Institute is looking forward to documenting the premiere.
The film documentary “young artists durchtanzen 20 Jahre” (working title), which is currently being produced, highlights the central leaps of the steptext dance companie youth label and its artistic director Augusto Jaramillo Pineda. This project is in the hands of Yanitsa Genova.

Wandering Mind. Folkwang Tanzstudio. Foto: Ursula Kaufmann German Dance Award 2023 – Grand Dance Gala and Award Ceremony

German Dance Award Documentations of Events Dreharbeiten Dachverband Tanz Dceutschland Aalto-Theater Essen D 2023

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland invites you to a multifaceted dance gala on Saturday, 14 October at 6 pm at the Aalto-Theater Essen. The diversity of dance will be celebrated with a varied programme and the German Dance Award 2023 will be presented. Guests include the Ballet of the Semperoper Dresden, the Tanztheater Wuppertal, the Aalto Ballett, the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin and the Folkwang Tanzstudio.

The events are offered with audio description (AD) and translation into German Sign Language (DGS).

The Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin will open the dance gala with “Better, Faster, Stronger”, choreographed by Giorgio Madia. The 6th to 9th year students dance full of energy to the music of Daft Punk.

The Semperoper Dresden ballet will enrich the evening with two duets. With “FAUN(E)”, choreographer David Dawson has developed an abstract, timeless and modern creation that explores questions of duality, sexuality and identity. “White Darkness” is Nacho Duato’s choreographic reflection on the impact of drugs and their effect on human social behaviour

With “Sense of Wonder”, choreographers Lisa Rykena and Carolin Jüngst create an expedition scenario and appeal to the willingness to marvel. An excerpt of the piece will be shown as a video.

The Aalto Ballet will be performing “Mutual Comfort” on its home stage. In “Mutual Comfort”, choreographer Edward Clug captivates with his very individual movement language. Four dancers try to give each other “mutual comfort”. But any form of contact between them seems doomed to failure.”Wandering Mind”, choreographed by Renate Graziadei, is all about associations and moods that arise when thoughts wander. The Folkwang Tanzstudio will show a part of it – melancholic, absurd and mysterious.The Tanztheater Wuppertal and its dancers will be guests with a collage of Pina Bausch’s works. Excerpts from “Full Moon”, “… como el musguito en la piedra, ay si, si, si …” and “Kontakthof” will be performed.

Lutz Förster, one of the winners of the German Dance Award 2023, will dance a solo from “Nelken – Ein Stück von Pina Bausch”.

During the Dance Gala, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland will present the German Dance Award 2023 to Malou Airaudo, Josephine Ann Endicott, Lutz Förster and Dominique Mercy. The laudatory speech will be held by actress Mechthild Grossmann. The visually impaired performer Sophia Neises receives an honour for outstanding development in dance. Dance teacher Peter Appel will be honoured for his life’s work.

Further exciting contributions complete the varied programme.

German sign language: Elisabeth Brichta and Esther Schuler

Audio description – audio descriptions for blind / visually impaired audiences
Text and live descriptions: Jutta Polić, Felix Koch
Editing: Johanna Krins
Sound direction and technology: Dietrich Petzold, with the kind support of Berliner Spielplan Audiodeskription, a project by Förderband e.V. – Kulturinitiative Berlin


The team from the German Dance Film Institute is once again documenting this year’s dance gala and award ceremony.


Kultursalon 2022. Foto: Eva Raduenzel Culture Salon at PACT Zollverein

Documentations of Events Dreharbeiten Dachverband Tanz Deutschland PACT Zollverein Essen D 2023


On Friday, 13 October 2023 at 7 pm, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland is hosting a Kultursalon at PACT Zollverein.


Dance journalist Elisabeth Nehring will host the evening. She will be in conversation with the Pina Bausch dancers and winners of the German Dance Award 2023 Malou Airaudo, Josephine Ann Endicott, Dominique Mercy and Lutz Förster, with the performer Sophia Neises (honour for outstanding development in dance) and with companions of the dance teacher Peter Appel (honour for life’s work). Nina Mühlemann and Sabrina Sadowska will deliver the laudatory speeches for the awards. The evening will be enriched by the performance of the rehearsal of “The Second Spring” (choreography: Pina Bausch, music: Igor Stravinsky, rehearsal: Josephine Ann Endicott).


German sign language: Elisabeth Brichta and Esther Schuler

Audio description – audio descriptions for blind / visually impaired audiences
Text and live descriptions: Felix Koch
Editing: Johanna Krins
Sound direction and technology: Dietrich Petzold, with the kind support of Berliner Spielplan Audiodeskription, a project of Förderband e.V.


The team from the German Dance Film Institute Bremen is once again documenting this year’s Kultursalon at PACT Zollverein.

Gardesn of Culture Gardens of Culture. Visions and experimental projects for a future (conference)

Documentations of Events Dreharbeiten KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. Hamburg, Warburg Haus D 2023


“It is in times of dissolution, of change, of reorganisation, of social and national rebirth, that the tendency to wander into the land of nowhere, which in Greek is called Utopia, is at its liveliest. ” (William Morris, 1890)

From 1918, after the horrors of the First World War, many people sought social reforms that would prevent wars from happening again. They drew up utopias and some philanthropists, most of whom were extremely financially strong, boldly and courageously set about implementing the models they developed in order to make humanity more peaceful. They created new and sheltered societies within society in remote areas and gardens with historic buildings, where they staged their ideas as beacons of humanity and democracy, sometimes at gigantic expense. They drew on the philosophical and educational concepts of Robert Owen, John Dewey and William Morris and the Eastern spirituality of the artist-philosopher Rabindranath Tagore. They started out free from state funding and therefore also free from censorship. Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst’s Dartington Hall and Raymond Duncan’s projects in Albania and Paris are historical examples of this.After 2022, the time after the outbreak of the Ukraine war and the associated global crisis awareness, these projects themselves no longer exist in their original forms, but their far-reaching effects and comparable ideas are unfolding anew in surprisingly similar remote locations, for example the Performing Arts Forum in St. Erme between Reims and Paris in France and O Espaço do Tempo in Montemor-o-Novo in southern Portugal.

All of the sites have already had cultural and historical significance and are located in former fortresses or monastery walls on extensive natural sites. The conference deals with these currently overlooked “Gardens of Culture”, which are barely present in the current narrative, between hope and failure, failure and hope.

KOÏNZI-DANCE e.V. asks for a donation for participation: online 30 EUR / present in the Warburg Haus 40 EUR + 9 EUR cinema visit

Flyer as PDF

17 / 18 Nov 2023 Conference at Warburg Haus,
Heilwigstraße 116, Hamburg
Gardens of Culture Visions and experimental projects for a future of Culture


Foto: Ursula Kaufmann A life for dance. Ulrich Roehm celebrates his 90th birthday
In Abwandlung eines Zitates von Loriot gilt für Ulrich Roehm: "Ein Leben ohne Tanz ist möglich, aber sinnlos."
Dreharbeiten Events Ulrich Roehm Essen D 2023

The German Dance Film Institute Bremen congratulates Ulrich Roehm on his anniversary with the specially produced film “A Life for Dance”. The festive event and the video were echoed in the specialised press. Here you can read excerpts from Online Merkur and

“What you want to ignite in others must burn within you.” Who else would this quote from St Augustine be more fitting than Ulrich Roehm – although the fire for dance has been burning in his heart for decades and he has ignited the joy of dance in many other people. No one else has brought dance to the world like him and subsequently brought the dance world to Essen. And no one else has done as much for dance and dance education as he has and, thanks to his constant persistence, has made many things possible. It is impossible to name everything that Ulrich Roehm has initiated, founded and established in his extensive work.


Almost to the day – he was born on 14 September 1933 – Ulrich Roehm celebrated his 90th birthday last Saturday with a big party in his hometown of Essen. Numerous friends, companions, dancers such as Birgit Keil and Vladimir Klos as well as dignitaries and representatives of the media and his family joined the celebrations.


Ulrich Roehm opened the festive gathering with a short speech and the film “Ulrich Roehm. A Life in Dance” was shown as a world premiere and spanned a wonderful arc over his private and professional life. Among the guests were the former President of the German Bundestag, Prof. Dr Norbert Lammert, and the Lord Mayor of Essen, Thomas Kufen, both of whom also gave speeches – as did Michael Freundt, Managing Director of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e. V., who brought a message from the Board of Directors to mark the milestone birthday. There were also video congratulations from the Royal Academy of Dance in London. In a short interview, Heide-Marie Härtel then asked unprecedented questions of the jubilarian, who is not only celebrating this memorable birthday this year, but also a number of other anniversaries.”

Ira Werbowsky

Excerpt from an article in Online Merkur – Die internationale Kulturplattform. From 21 September 2023


“A film by Heidemarie Härtel was at the centre of the 90th birthday ceremony, which told the story of her personal and professional career in a loving and informative compilation of archive material and interviews. The touching impressions that the film left on all those present were then deepened in a discussion.”

Edith Wolf Perez in her article Ulrich Roehm on his 90th birthday on

Peter Appel in jungen Jahren. Peter Appel receives German Dance Award for his life’s work
Das Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut produziert Kurzfilm zur Preisverleihung.
German Dance Award Dreharbeiten Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen Bremen | Essen D 2023


“Not only do ballet masters often reach an advanced age, they often work much longer than they should. Peter Appel is one of them, a later famous descendant of the great ballet masters of 18th and 19th century Europe, Jean Georges Noverre, Jules Perrot, Auguste Vestris and Marius Petipa. He will be 90 years old on 8 September 2023, and he hasn’t really been retired for very long. In this respect, it is definitely still timely to honour him now, in 2023, with the German Dance Award for his life’s work as a ballet master and training director.” Frankfurter Allgemeine 8 September 2023 Link to the FAZ article


Sabrina Sadowska, ballet director of the Chemnitz Municipal Theatre, emphasised as laudator that Peter Appel “(…) always focuses on the human being.” Peter Appel was a big step ahead of his time and the dialogue with his students was essential for him.


The German Dance Film Institute Bremen is producing a short film about the work of the ballet master to mark the presentation of the German Dance Award to Peter Appel. The film will premiere as part of the Dance Gala on 14 October 2023 at the Aalto Theatre in Essen.


Peace pain

Dreharbeiten Dienstagscompany Bremen, Schnürschuh-Theater D 2023

We are all waiting for infinite peace. We all hope that inhuman, violence- and terror-spreading regimes will collapse. We fight with ourselves against resignation and fatalism. The small human being, individual and citizen of the world at the same time, lives his or her own everyday life with various coping strategies.

The performers in this associative dance theatre piece lean on personally chosen great figures in order to find parts of freedom and peace in them. Within this framework, the production reclaims courage and strength to overcome one’s own hopelessness.

The performers of the Tuesday Company (developed from the dance theatre course) have dealt with these current themes.

Choreography: Marion Amschwand

The team of the Deutsches Tanztheater is pleased to document the premiere on film.



undressed. Foto: M. Knapp undressed. tanzbar_Bremen

Dreharbeiten tanzbar_Bremen Schwankhalle Bremen D 2023

Life is performance and to enter the world is also to enter a stage. In times of isolation, this stage does not exist, we are alone with ourselves and hardly enter into a relationship with other people. The game is paused – we are completely ourselves. But how much of this human being is actually visible in our public performance? In “undressed”, the dancers of tanzbar_bremen make themselves beautiful for the world and consciously enter the theatre space as a space of possibility, as a space of staging. Only gradually do they try to shed the layers of representation to reveal a glimpse of that which also wants to shine through. How much of a role should and do I want to play? What do I reveal?

Concept and choreography: Tomas Bünger | Dancers: Jenny Ecke, Tim Gerhards, Till Krumwiede, Corinna Mindt, Adriana Sinram, Oskar Spatz, Adrian Wenzel | Production assistance: Anna Rödiger, Caline Weber | Lighting: Josephine Mielke | Costume design: Katja Fritzsche | Production: tanzbar_bremen in cooperation with steptext dance project | Supported by: Senator for Culture Bremen, Aktion Mensch.

The team of the German Dance Film Institute is pleased to document the dress rehearsal on film.


Claudia Henne in Conversation for II [Making Of]

Dreharbeiten Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen Bremen Forum am Wall D 2023



As part of the series DANCE:DIGITAL, in the halls of the Tanzfilminstitut cultural journalist Claudia Henne interviews choreographers Pablo Sansalvador, Wayne Götz and Rolf Baumgart, who combine contemporary dance and virtual reality in their projects.