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With the combination of archive and professional production, the German Dancefilm Institut is a unique institution in Europe.

We create productions for TV-stations about current events in dance and features about specific themes of dance. Editors and film-makers use the archive for their reports on dance. Apart from video-documentations for companies and choreographers, the institute also creates multi-media and print productions.

Most of the institute’s productions are available for non-commercial usage as VHS-copie or DVD for a fee.

The German Dance Film Institute is a document archive, in which the stocks are only available on site. Other potential uses arise after consultation with rights holders for specific inquiries. 

Foto: Eva Radünzel (Deutsch) Heide-Marie Härtel, Künstlerische Leitung des Deutschen Tanzfilminstituts Bremen, erhält den Deutschen Tanzpreis 2021
Am Samstag, den 23. Oktober 2021 wird im Aalto-Theater Essen der Deutsche Tanzpreis verliehen – die höchste Auszeichnung, die der Tanz in Deutschland zu vergeben hat. [Pressemitteilung]
German Dance Award Events Dachverband Tanz Deutschland Berlin D 2021

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Foto: Gerhard-Marcks-Haus (Deutsch) Bremen vierkant. Robert Schad [Ausstellung]
Robert Schad ist einer der bedeutendsten zeitgenössischen Stahlbildhauer. Er schafft aus massivem Vierkantstahl »Zeichnungen im Raum«. Das Deutsche Tanzfilminstitut Bremen beteiligt sich mit einer Medieninstallation und einem Film.
Events Gerhard-Marcks-Haus Bremen Deutschland 2020

Tanztraining und analoger Film. Foto: Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen Communication. From the dispatch to the tweet. The Bremen Archives and Radio Bremen [Exhibition].
Ein facettenreiches Bild der technischen, gesellschaftlichen oder sprachlichen Veränderungen unserer Kommunikation aus der Sicht Bremer Archive.
Exhibition Videos Filmvortrag Events Lectures Arbeitskreis Bremer Archive Untere Rathaushalle; Eröffnung am 3.3.2020 um 17.00 Uhr D 2020

“The Bremen archives present treasures from their holdings: Letters, photos, films, interviews, long-playing records, posters, radio recordings, telegrams and a wide variety of exhibits on the subject of “communication”. The spectrum ranges from the US station AFN, church radio and campus radio to the artist and musician John Cage, Werder TV and satellites in space travel. As in a kaleidoscope, a multi-faceted picture of the technical, social or linguistic changes in our communication over the past 100 to 200 years emerges.


The exhibition takes a special look at the cultural heritage of the city and state of Bremen. It is complemented by supra-regional and international themes. The preservation and making available of cultural assets are among the essential tasks of the diverse and multi-layered archive landscape in the federal state of Bremen.

In this context, the Bremen Archives Working Group also includes initiatives and collections whose holdings and professional content have hardly been noticed and dealt with by academic institutions. The exhibition is thus also an offer for new ideas and plans.”


A varied programme of events frames the show.


Arbeitskreis Bremer Archive




“Dance and Film – Symbiosis of Two Genres” is the title of the exhibition contribution by the German Dance Film Institute Bremen. Heide-Marie Härtel’s contribution on the origins and development of dance film and the interpenetration of dance and film is illustrated by photos, film clips and historical costumes as well as film equipment from the extensive holdings of our producing archive.


Tanzsalon 29 will be showing ” The Dance Film Institute in Transition”. The event will start on 10 March 2020 at 8pm as part of the exhibition and will highlight the coming step for Europe’s largest producing dance film archive.