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With the combination of archive and professional production, the German Dancefilm Institut is a unique institution in Europe.

We create productions for TV-stations about current events in dance and features about specific themes of dance. Editors and film-makers use the archive for their reports on dance. Apart from video-documentations for companies and choreographers, the institute also creates multi-media and print productions.

Most of the institute’s productions are available for non-commercial usage as VHS-copie or DVD for a fee.

The German Dance Film Institute is a document archive, in which the stocks are only available on site. Other potential uses arise after consultation with rights holders for specific inquiries. 

Le cri du Cameleon, Josef Nadj Tanzherbst On Tape (“Autumn of Dance” on Tape)
Festivalbericht 1999
Documentations of Events Edition Tele Dance Essay Tanz Bremen e.V., Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen Bremen D 1999 00:35 h

Festival “Autumn of Dance”, Bremen 1999

Realisation: Hartmut Sebel
Editor: Heide-Marie Härtel
Co-Production: Tanz Bremen e.V.,

1999, 35 min.

A camera workshop of the , directed by Heide-Marie Härtel, used the opportunity of the Autumn of Dance in 1999 to exchange experiences about the making of documentaries.

Young journalists and film makers were able to experience that the documentation of dance has its own laws. A confrontation of the dancers’ movement on stage with the dynamics of the camera’s eye and the tripod’s position. This track was further followed in the workshop about the editing of dance videos in the context of the festival “30 years of dance theatre Bremen”.

Hartmut Sebel’s documentary presents a thematic contribution, reconstructing the festival’s progress and presenting interviews highlighting the organisers’ motivations.

This film does not pose as a traditional TV feature, but as a visual festival programme, allowing the audience to re-experience the festival without commentary and just by its imagery and textual information alone.

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